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Have you been charged with assault or arrested for a domestic violence charge?

Being charged with an assault, especially a DV assault against a family member or significant other, is always a confusing and frightening experience. You may strongly disagree with the arrest and charge(s), or be remorseful. Each case is different but they all have one thing in common – you definitely need a formidable criminal defense attorney.

Assault in the 4th Degree with a domestic violence tag in Bellevue, Seattle, King County or Snohomish County means, under Washington law, that the alleged victim is a spouse, significant other, domestic partner, relative or someone you live or have lived with, even a roommate.

Assault charges and DV charges, or combined Assault DV charges, are especially terrifying.  Depending on your criminal history and the facts of your case, you could face up to a year in jail and a $5,000 fine for Assault 4 DV, the most common assault charge (it’s a gross misdemeanor). That possible maximum penalty also applies to most other assaults, and also to the crime of Interference With Reporting DV and most ‘order violations’ (violations of no-contact orders, DV Protection Orders or antiharassment orders).

If you are charged with a Felony Assault or DV offense, you may face even more severe consequences – depending upon your criminal history (especially prior felony convictions in the past 10 years), the seriousness of the assault and of the victim’s injuries, whether the alleged assault involved alleged strangulation / choking, whether a weapon was used, the age or vulnerability of the victim, and whether the alleged crime was committed  in the presence of children.  Self-defense or defense of others, called affirmative defenses, might apply, but they only rarely succeed, especially in the absence of eyewitness or video evidence.

My first goal is always dismissal of your charge(s) and I work and fight hard for that in every case. I have defended thousands of people charged with Assault and DV crimes, and usually with excellent results. I can most often avoid jail and conviction for clients who are willing to let me skillfully guide them through this dangerous process.

Whether it’s pretrial motions, tough negotiation for a livable discreet plea deal, or trial, I am determined and dedicated to your cause. My oral arguments in court are forceful but tactful.

In the courtroom, your defense attorney will be your best and maybe your only friend.

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You don’t want the stigma of a criminal record of being convicted of an assault or any DV charge that may well make you look like a violent, dangerous and questionable person for the rest of your life. Criminal records are open to the public in Washington State – the possibility of expungement is exceedingly limited. After a period of law abiding behavior that depends upon the assault or DV conviction, you may be eligible for vacating your conviction – but it will still show on a criminal background search. So, the best approach is to hire an experienced, proven seasoned assault and DV attorney now to do all we can do, working together, to avoid conviction in the first place.

Do not delay – the evidence in your favor must be immediately obtained and preserved. Witnesses may need to be interviewed and other evidence demanded to be preserved in an expeditious manner or could be lost. For example: surveillance and other video/audio evidence may only be available for a limited time. Prosecutors do not always give the defense attorney all available evidence unless it is demanded; especially exculpatory evidence (evidence favorable to your defense).

I will take immediate action on your behalf.

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