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Driving in Washington State is a privilege – not a right. Attorney Phil Weinberg will help you retain your driving privileges if you are facing license suspension or revocation.

DOL hearings can be tough to win in Washington because they are conducted by phone and decided by a DOL Hearing Officer. Attorney Phil Weinberg will help you navigate this complex process to identify the best defense for your case and prepare you for the hearing.

If you are facing license suspension or revocation as a result of DUI or other driving or non-driving-related offense – you need an accomplished DOL hearing defense attorney on your side. With over 25 years of experience and thousands of cases with consistently positive results, Attorney Phil Weinberg will work diligently to preserve your driving privileges.

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About License Suspension and Revocation in Washington

There are many driving and non-driving offenses that can lead to driver’s license suspension or revocation in Washington.

Common types of license suspension in Washington:

  • DUI
  • CDL disqualifications
  • Probation violations
  • Reckless driving
  • Failure to appear in court or pay tickets (FTA)
  • Habitual traffic offender (HTO)
  • Hit and run of an occupied vehicle
  • Violation of driver license restrictions

In the case of DUI, an administrative license suspension is automatic if your BAC was over the legal limit of .08 for alcohol or 5 ng/ml for marijuana or if you refused testing. The deadline for requesting a DOL Hearing to dispute the license suspension is now only 7 days – this was just reduced from 20 days on January 1, 2019 and used to be 30 days several years ago so it’s important to act immediately!  Having an accomplished, knowledgeable defense attorney on your side can be the difference between keeping and losing your license to drive in Washington.

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About DOL Hearings in Washington

DOL hearings are restricted to police reports and offered evidence only. The hearing officer is not permitted to consider other factors such as a lack of criminal history or the impact a license suspension could have on your personal life or employment.

Issues that will be considered at a DOL hearing:

  • If you were under lawful arrest
  • If you were properly informed of your rights concerning the breath or blood tests (implied consent warnings)
  • If an officer had reasonable grounds to believe that you were driving while under the influence of alcohol or any drug (prescription, non-prescription or illegal)
  • The result or refusal of a field sobriety test (FST), breath or blood test

DOL hearings are always conducted by phone and usually only last a few minutes. Once the hearing is over, the hearing officer will make a decision and notify the driver and their attorney of the decision by mail.

It is important to note that DOL hearings are independent of court cases resulting from criminal charges. For more information on the hearing process, visit If your DOL hearing is related to a DUI arrest, visit DUI Defense and call Attorney Phil Weinberg at (425) 806-7200 to discuss your options.

Working Diligently to Protect Your Driving Privileges

As your attorney, I will diligently seek dismissal of the charges against you. If that is not a reasonable solution, a skillful negotiation could prove successful in reducing charges to a level that will not impact your ability to drive. I have represented those facing license suspension or revocation in Washington for over 25 years and am committed to finding effective and affordable defense solutions for your needs.

Attorney Phil Weinberg can help protect your driving privileges.

As a skilled Criminal Defense Attorney, I have been successful in protecting driving privileges for countless drivers in King and Snohomish counties. If you’re facing license suspension or revocation in Bellevue, Everett, Lynnwood, Kirkland, Issaquah, Mercer Island, Seattle, Redmond, Kent, Federal Way, Woodinville, Monroe, Bothell, Edmonds, Mountlake Terrace, Shoreline, Marysville or Arlington; call me, Attorney Phil Weinberg, at (425) 806-7200 today for a thorough initial consultation at no cost.