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About Felony Assault in Washington

Washington State felony assault charges are very serious and come with impact upon the client’s freedom, employment, reputation, family, background checks; whether for job application or retention, school, immigration status and plans, travel to Canada and other countries, housing eligibility and student loan applications, etc. Loss of the right to vote, own or carry firearms, and the DOC experience are all terrible.

If the felony assault results in serious (“grievous”) bodily harm to the victim, is committed against court staff, attorneys practicing law, prosecutors, judges, law enforcement officers or certain statutorily specified other government employees, etc. it’s worse — whether DV or non-DV. Get help now. Do not delay.

In Washington, felony assaults become DV (Domestic Violence) felony assaults if the alleged victim is a family member or household member, which includes spouses, former spouses, people who have children together, people related by blood or marriage, adults who live together or have lived together, and people who are or have been in a dating relationship. RCW 10.99.020.

I have gotten these cases dismissed or reduced for many years learning what works and devising unique approaches to defend my clients. Call me to go over your unique case. I will do all I can do to help and will formulate a viable, effective defense strategy and a set of options for your consideration. My job is to advise and protect you.

The term “assault” can be used to describe a wide range of situations. The most common involve intentional or attempted harm to another person with or without a weapon.

There are four degrees of assault and three of them are felonies — Felony Assault 1, Felony Assault 2 and Felony Assault 3. Assault charges are often brought together with other criminal accusations such as Harassment or Malicious Mischief. In some cases, they can also be designated Domestic Violence (DV). If your assault charge has been labeled DV, visit Domestic Violence  for more information.

There is much more to felony assault defense, and I will explain all applicable laws to you as well as address intensely the facts and the alleged facts.

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