In the end not only did I win my case but I gained a friend!

I came to know Mr. Phillip (Phil) Weinberg when I hired him to take on a monster of a case that many attorneys turned down. Phil and I discussed everything. He was meticulous and analyzed every detail. I realized very early on that I had made the right choice by hiring Phil. He gave me a sense of confidence, trust and relief knowing that I had him on my side. His work ethic is unparalleled. No amount of intimidation and scare tactics from the other side made him falter. In the end, I got a better outcome than what we both expected. I honestly have never felt more content. He is blunt and honest, but personable. He’s tough as nails but he’s got a heart of gold. And his number one priority is his clients. He’s a passionate, seasoned, well-known professional and a fearless bulldog. He is worth every, single, penny. He also helped me to not be afraid and to fight for what I need and not back down. He was the only one who saw hope for me and proved right. In the end not only did I win my case but I gained a friend. Thank you Phil!

– Katelyn Boyce

(originally posted on Google)