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If you’re facing charges for Assault / DV or Drunk Driving / DUI in Medina you may be experiencing a number of undesirable side effects and consequences that can impact you both now and in the future. For over 25 years, Attorney Phil Weinberg has consistently obtained outstanding results for his clients in and around Medina, Washington. If you need effective legal representation for your Assault / DV, DUI or other criminal charge; Call Attorney Phil Weinberg at (425) 806-7200.

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Have you been charged with Assault / DV, Drunk Driving / DUI or another crime in Medina? Call Attorney Phil Weinberg at (425) 806-7200 to schedule a free no-risk legal consultation and case evaluation. Attorney Phil Weinberg understands that your situation is unique. He will listen patiently as you describe what happened before offering his honest opinion of how he can help. Phil cares about his clients’ legal rights.

About Medina Courts & Arrests

The City of medina contracts with the City of Kirkland for its court services at the Kirkland Municipal Court, which therefore handles all medina arrests for nonfelonies. The Kirkland Jail is located at the Kirkland Justice Center and provides jail services for non-felony offenses, including for those arrested by City of Medina PD for all non-felonies. Felony offenders arrested in Medina, however, are generally taken to the King County Jail in Seattle.

The Kirkland Municipal Court handles all Medina misdemeanors, gross misdemeanors, infractions and civil violations. It enforces the Medina Municipal Code, which is similar (or in some sections identical) to the Revised Code of Washington (RCW). If you’re arrested by a Medina Police officer for a crime like Drunk Driving (DUI) or Assault / DV, your case will be heard at Kirkland Municipal Court.

Kirkland Municipal Court
11740 NE 118th St.
Kirkland, WA 98034

After being booked into jail, you will appear before a judge on the next court day. Arrestees booked on a Friday night, over the weekend or the day before or day of a legal holiday must wait until the court reopens to appear.

How it works

At the arraignment hearing; the plea you enter should always be “Not Guilty,” regardless of the details and circumstances of your case and regardless of whether you are factually guilty. At this hearing, prosecutors will often request that the judge require strict release conditions such as bail or an Ignition Interlock Device (in the case of DUI). An experienced Medina defense attorney can frequently avoid these conditions, especially on first-time offenses.

Pretrial Conferences; also called Pretrial Hearings (aka PTR); are the next step. Most cases have several PTR’s before they are resolved or set for trial. If the prosecutor presents an acceptable plea bargain (plea deal), the case can be concluded at a PTR. Throughout this process, your defense attorney will be investigating and gathering any evidence relevant to your case.

If a case is not resolved at a pretrial hearing, your attorney will likely make pretrial motions. Depending on the facts and laws surrounding your case, there are several pretrial motions that can have a significant or even determinative impact on your defense.

Many cases do not go to trial which is a last resort due to risk and cost. You may decide to proceed to trial if, for example, the prosecution has not offered an acceptable plea deal or if a conviction would cause considerable damage to your career or personal life.

At the Law Office of Phil Weinberg, we focus mostly on assault defense. In Washington, a person commits the crime of simple assault (4th Degree Assault) by intentionally touching or striking another person, in a harmful or offensive way; attempting to inflict injury on another, when the defendant has the apparent ability to do so; or by committing any act that intentionally places another person in reasonable apprehension of imminent harm. RCW 9A.36.041.

Washington assaults become DV (Domestic Violence) assaults if the alleged victim is a family member or household member, which includes spouses, former spouses, people who have children together, people related by blood or marriage, adults who live together or have lived together, and people who are or have been in a dating relationship. RCW 10.99.020.

Assault in the 4th Degree carries a maximum punishment of 364 days in jail and a $5,000 fine. There are many defense approaches to these complicated scenarios and severely sanctioned crimes of assault, especially those that are also DV.

I have gotten many of these cases dismissed or reduced. Call me to go over your unique case. I will do all I can do to help and will formulate a viable, effective defense strategy and set of options for your consideration. My job is to advise and protect you.

The term “assault” can be used to describe a wide range of situations. The most common involve intentional or attempted harm to another person with or without a weapon.

There are four degrees of assault and the penalties range from gross misdemeanor up to three classes of felony. Consequences for first-, second-, third- and fourth-degree assault vary and are dependent on several factors including the use of a weapon, severity of the injury (if one occurred) and criminal history of the accused (if applicable).

Assault charges are often brought together with other criminal accusations such as Harassment or Malicious Mischief. In some cases, they can also be designated Domestic Violence (DV). If your assault charge has been labeled DV, visit Domestic Violence for more information.